Some Straight Talk About Guitar Lessons

Fact is, not all guitar lessons or guitar teachers are the same. But why should you care?

Well, consider this, if you want to learn to play guitar like your favorite guitarists and are making the smart choice to take guitar lessons, how long should it take you to reach your goal?

With an average teacher, it could take you several more years to play like guitar idols, but it doesn’t have to take that long and it probably shouldn’t.

Let’s say you’re a beginner right now and your favorite guitarist Kirk Hammett from Metallica. With the right teacher, dedication and practice, it may take you 5 years to get from zero to hero.

But with an average guitar teacher, it may take 10-15 years to reach the same point… ouch!

The American Academy of Guitar Mastery says, “The vast majority of guitar teachers don’t even give you the bare minimum of what you need to reach your musical goals quickly. And virtually none have any actual training or certifications. In short, the standards of excellence in the guitar teaching industry are very, VERY low. We don’t think that’s right, so we did something about it.”

We couldn’t agree more! That’s why we have proper guitar teaching training and certifications from the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. Training for guitar teachers is absolutely critical and frankly, it’s a shame that most guitar teachers have no actual training or certifications whatsoever.

Think about it, why would you want to take lessons from a teacher who does not have training on how to teach guitar? We think you deserve better! So we give you better!

Let’s go back to the example mentioned earlier about the difference in time to reach a big goal from a really good teacher versus an average one. Now factor in the huge cost savings. Yes, a better teacher may charge a bit more, but the amount of money you save over the long term can easily run well into the thousands of dollars!

Guitar teacher training is not the same as a music degree from a university… it’s much better than that. When one goes to college for music, the grand total amount of time spent on teaching guitar is exactly zero at the vast majority of colleges and universities in the United States offering music degrees. In fact, even those who graduate with masters degrees still have exactly zero training and experience teaching guitar effectively. Hard to believe, but it’s an absolute fact! I know, I was shocked too when I learned this many years ago!

You’re in good hands here, not only do we have training, we have the best training in the country and on top of this, we never stop learning and improving everything we do… that means you can expect the best from us.


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